PortDeBras™ Basic (Level 1)

a one-day BASIC PortDeBras™ 




  • available for all kinds of instructors or PTs 
  • we warmly recommend to take part in PortDeBras™ Introductory workshop or in other pre-educational seminars before this course
  • no prior experience with PortDeBras™ is officialy required for participation in this course though
  • once you have participated, you will get a certification with no expiry for teaching PortDeBras™ classes


  •  if you a curious "mover" - feel free to join us (you are getting no certification, of course)  - PortDeBras™ is a concept for everybody
  • an intense practise of 7 basic movement sequences, along with the ways to modify them for different populations
  • a technical drill and explanation of ARM technique
  • basic positions and transitions of legs