What is PortDeBras™ 

  a unique body&mind exercise system 

that combines 

functional and dynamic stretching 

    with sets of hand and arm-related activity


inspired by 

gyrotonic and gyrokinesis

ballet techniques





the routine is restorative and rehabilitative 

 it can also be used for building strength of the back muscles

the work-out series helps develop correct and effective movement skills and technique 

leads to the effective ability of harmonious body movement 

 helps develop better range of motion

relaxes our mind

Vladimir Snezhik:
a former dance choreographer from Russia
who wanted people of all age range or skills and abilities
to enjoy the feeling of dance and flow movement
PortDeBras is not a dance class,
it is really about the feeling AS IF we were dancing
but the main point of the PortDeBras technique
is to move effectively the spine  
with the emphasis on the flow movement
in natural range of motion
which results in 
healthy and flexible spine
toned muscles
relaxed mind
happy people all around :) 
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