How to become a PortDeBras™ instructor


 Are you a certified Instructor of 
pilates, yoga, aerobics or dance? 

If you are already a certified instructor of any kind of style, 

you can easily become a PortDeBras™ Instructor


PortDeBras™ is here for all instructors 

who want to get inspired by new elegant movements 

and later on start teaching  their own PortDeBras™ classes


1st step

We warmly recommend to start with 

PortDeBras™ Introduction 

which is a lead-in into the whole PortDeBras™ philosophy


 Participating in this workshop gives you the opportunity 

to try out all kinds of PortDeBras:

with and without equipment


In this way, 

you will get some basic inspiration for your regular classes 

and you will be able to start teaching some PortDeBras™ segments 

right away on your classes


2nd step

I personally recommend 

to choose another pre-educational workshop to take part in 

because PortDeBras™ sequences  

with equipment 

are easy to teach 

for instructors 


easier to grasp and copy for clients 


It would be ideal 

to go through all the pre-educational workshops 

but it is officially not required though


3rd  Step

You become a certified PortDeBras™ instructor 

after participating in 

the basic course:

 PortDeBras Basic Level 1


Do you want to know more about the workshops?

Click below & read 

the descriptions of all workshops and courses



Do you want some more inspiration 

for home-use 

or get more ready 

for the PortDeBras™ Basic Course? 


Join PortDeBras Club System 

official PortDeBras™ music and video classes

You are not an instructor 
you would like to try out PortDeBras™ 
because there is no such thing 
in your area?

PortDeBras™ is for everybody 

so if you are interested, 

feel free to join any workshop or course 


 you can´t become a certified instructor this way, of course 


 we are always happy to share PortDeBras

with everybody


In case of any questions, 
don´t hesitate 
contact me