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I usually say at my PortDeBras Trainings that 

one can understand deeper ideas of this beautiful concept

ONLY by practising at home


It is definitely nice to take a PortDeBras class on a regular basis

BUT I am convinced you would understand more

 if you practised at home


maybe there are no PortDeBras classes available in your area 

so home practise would be the best choice


Many people say: "well, I can' t do it, I don' t have time, 

there are kids, I have things to do" etc ... 


I know it is an excuse. 

It is just about the right timing and setting your priorities. 


Another thing I keep saying at my PDB trainings is that 

PortDeBras is for everybody.


Well, I've found out it is not truth 

PortDeBras is here only for those 

who are interested in making a change

(job, life approach, 

the way you feel in your body ...) 


So THIS CAMPAIGN is about making a change ...

let' s start working with our body

let' s see our body as a tool to make you feel happy

BUT ... 

you need to work on it ... 

sometimes is not easy,

 it might be hard at first,

demanding, demotivating 

but once you have overcame this state of being or thinking,

you are about to start feeling joy, amusement,

 all sort of emotions thanks to all your effort

invested into your inner body work


The point of this campaign is:


to motivate you to exercise at home 

to encourage you to find some time for yourself

 to start sensing the body

to CONNECT with your body

to be able to FEEL and FIX the body

(if you don' t feel comfortable 

when standing - sit down etc ...) 


if you start doing PortDeBras, it happens quite often that people feel

some sort of discomfort - it can be pain (physical aspect) 

or it can be the feeling of frustration

(you might think - I am not good enough, I am fat, 

it' s complicated, there is choreography, there is this and that)



 if you saw the video of PortDeBras and the very first thing

you said to yourself was: 

"wow, it' s beautiful" ... 

stick to this thought, to this positive emotion


FIGHT for this, 

learn to understand the body, enjoy the process of learning,

don't give up just because you rational "you" said: "no, you can't"


Everything is possible - keep that in mind


The motto/name of this campaign is: 



BE SILENT means:

don' t talk, absorb the movement, think about it, 

try to understand or try not to understand and just do :) 



if you join the campaign, don' t put yourself out there,

don' t show off on FB or Instagram how good you are,

don' t waste your time with making pics 

just ... do, enjoy the music,

enjoy the movement

no result-driven campaign

it is feel-good driven campaign


how do you join the campaign?


send me an email on:


expain in a nutshell 

why you wanna participate


that is it - you are IN :)


you will receive a link for a download 

of the first video 

24th December


you will have 3 days to download it

the link expires then


you will get another video


 you send me an email 

by 14th January

where you describe how you feel 

about PortDeBras/your body

 after having practised at home 


you will be sent an audio 

with the explanation

of the technique 

14th February


you send me another email

where you share with me how you feel now




in case of any questions,

contact me